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Three young Americans–two brothers and a younger sister–are drawn into The Great War of 1914-1918, a war with many names. The oldest becomes a flyer. His brother becomes a Naval doctor. Their sister becomes a counter-spy. One dies. To End All War tracks their adventures in the air and on the Western Front.

Spurred by the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand, The War became so destructive they called it “The war to end all war.” The War saw the first use of modern submarines, warplanes, machine guns, and tanks—weapons that killed over 9,000,000 combatants. Its trenches spawned the Spanish Flu, killing an estimated 40-60 million after the war. The War’s socioeconomic and political aftermath bred a Second World War, killing roughly 400,000 Americans in four years. In Vietnam, the ten-year war that split us in two, 58,000 Americans died. At this writing, after ten years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, over 6,000 Americans are dead.

Yet very few U.S. citizens know that in only the last three months of The Great War, an incredible 116,000 Americans died. If Washington built a memorial “Wall” for them, it would stretch from the Vietnam Memorial to the Lincoln Memorial.